Questions about Leadership and Community

Questions I have about leadership and building community:

  • How can we let go of our ideas about what a good community is and instead move into a service oriented model that actually fits the needs and desires of that community?
  • How can a leader or teacher become strong or “big” enough to hold space without taking UP too much space?
  • How can we gladly reach out and take what is available and enjoy it with relish and without shame while at the same time appreciating and being sensitive that the same might not be available to others?
  • How can we encourage others to build the skill of thinking well of others?
  • How can we bring home learning/new skills without angering/alienating others who haven’t had the same opportunities?
  • How can we balance the fresh perspective/new ideas/ignorance of newcomers with the held history/embodied knowledge/ingrained biases/resentments of those who have been serving the community for years?
  •  What is the difference between between in community with someone and being their friend, and how do you parse/play between these two roles skillfully?
  • To be endlessly continued.
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I gave notice at my job today.

I’ve no plan for how to replace the income.  None at all.  I’ve some savings and that will last me awhile but really, this is foolish.  It’s the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

A river spirit told me a few weeks ago that some things would be given to me, but that others I would have to take.  The Goddess of the Entire World told me last weekend that I didn’t ever have to worry about being thirsty.  I’m quite aware that this isn’t the same as her promising me I never would be thirsty.  She just told me that I didn’t have to worry about it.  

I’m listening. I’m not worrying.  I see that we are all Cups.  Our job is to fill ourselves, endlessly, and offer ourselves in toast to one another.  


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Twelve Steps as Initiation

We will experience many kinds of initiations in our lives, and if you are a person in recovery working the Twelve Steps will be one of the most powerful ones you can experience.  I wrote a new post about this on my blog at Witches and Pagans.  Let me know what you think!

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“All Acts of Love and Pleasure Are My Rituals”

I neglected to tell you about a post I wrote on addicts and our relationship to pleasure.  Paganism is often celebrated as a container in which members are invited to embrace pleasure in a way that is not permitted in other religious bodies, or that is vilified in the larger cultural context.  So what then, for those of us who have complicated and uneasy relationships with pleasure, sex, our bodies, and all that goes along with it?

Check it out!  And let me know what you think!

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Abstaining, Absenting, Attending: Simplifying to Deepen

I have a friend who gives her years titles in order to direct her work for the year, and I invited the Universe to send me a similar direction. Pretty quickly, it sent back the word “Deepen”. Okay, I thought, quite please, envisioning diving even more deeply into spiritual work and building my new business and get deeply into some shadowy stuff. I was sent a vision of a Greco-Roman temple which inside had no floor, only a dark hole into the earth, and I found myself curious about what was lurking down there.

And then December happened, and really walloped me. I got hit with exhaustion, the kind that makes you romanticize rubber rooms and wondering whether a relapse would be worth the 28 days it might get you somewhere quiet. No matter how much I slept, I was tired. My 9-5 became increasingly stressful as the month wore on, and the requirements for the certification course I am taking piled up. I had to travel for Christmas, and I felt resentful about that. I felt increasingly helpless to find room in my life for quiet, communion with my Gods, and soul-filling experiences. I felt more disconnected from my 12 Step Program as I struggled to find time and energy to attend meetings. I was so tired that even when I had some time free, I could collapse on the couch and mindlessly watch TV instead of going into my temple and going my work. Which just left me feeling emptier.

This other, second word came to stand beside the word Deepen. Simplify. Clear things out. I got the image of loving hands clearing away space in a garden bed for a fragile bloom to grow. How could I make enough space so that I can Deepen? I fall in love with the world, and I want to taste everything. I could sign up for trainings and workshops and classes all day. But there would never be enough time to actually do them all, not to mention all the other stuff (eating properly, exercising, my spiritual work, spending time nurturing my relationships) that needs to happen.

I think sometimes I flit from thing to thing in order to escape the pain of doing things properly and doing things with mastery. It is easy to stay in the early place of childish wonder, where the technique is new, shiny and delightful. But then it gets difficult, causes me suffering, and I don’t want to stay anymore. But who am I, if that is my way of operating? I am just a collection of shallow, superficial pools of knowledge. That way of being does not offer me the kind of grounding for the way I really want to feel and experience the world.

So, this year I am Simplifying to Deepen. I am abstaining from adding all the things. I am absenting myself. I am attending to what is really important and to what I already signed up for.

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New Third Step Post on Pagan Square

I’ve just published a new post on the Third Step on my blog on Pagan Square.  Please check it out, and let me know what you think.


It doesn’t escape my attention that while writing on the Third Step is where my blog went silent, over six months ago. I think I have my own issues around surrender that I need to work on.  More on that to come.



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Second step post

I’ve written a new blog post for Witches & Pagans.  What’s up with that whole “power greater than ourselves” thing anyway? Check it out!

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