Wunjo, Joy


This morning I pulled the rune Wunjo.

Who uses it knows no pain,sorrow nor anxiety, and he himself has prosperity and bliss, and also enough shelter.

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

I am eaten up by fear today. I went to bed that way, and woke up that way. Things are falling apart at work, and it is getting to me. Sometimes I can sail through this stuff without letting it stick to me. Sometimes that is very difficult.

It is a spiritual axiom that every time we are disturbed, no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us.
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, Page 90

Wunjo is a rune of joy, and not the fleeting joy of a maiden. It is the persistent, mature joy of the Mother. It is, as describe on Runesecrets.com, the joy that comes from correct application of the will. Will is a complicated concept in recovery, but if our will is aligned with Divine will that it can be said to be in correct application. So often I associate joy with total freedom and with being unencumbered, but Wunjo is the happiness that comes from being at the middle of a wide reaching web of family and friends.

Today I am resentful because I have to answer to someone. Wunjo reminds me it is an honor to be relied on by someone, that it means someone believes I am capable.
Today I am angry at people for not leaving me alone. Wunjo reminds me that other people wanting me around is a blessing, that it means they enjoy my company.
Today I am fantasizing about running away and isolating myself. Wunjo points out that harmony can only be achieved in community. Harmony requires the simultaneous combinations of tones or chords. I can only provide one tone. I need other people to achieve a harmony.

Oh beautiful power of love, help me open and unfold in softness and not be so full of fear! So mote it be.

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