A Daily Practice

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a daily practice and what that would look like for me.

I know from my work in 12 step recovery the importance of spiritual discipline.  Causing myself to conduct the same activities every single day reaps tremendous rewards. I’ve learned this by writing daily gratitude lists, making regular meetings, daily prayer and meditation, etc.

Here is a list of activities that could be good components of a daily practice.  What does your daily practice look like?  What WOULD your daily practice look like if you had time for one?

  • Morning prayer/meditation
  • Pulling rune or tarot card each morning
  • Stretching/sun salutations
  • Chanting/singing
  • Grounding/Centering
  • Having a certain number of intentional moments during the day to bring my focus inward
  • Some kind of action at my altar whenever I walk into my house at night (is this realistic?)
  • Purification aspect to morning shower
  • Others TK….

I need to think about which one of these I want to try and make a commitment to doing each and every day. Morning meditation and prayer I already do.  I would enjoy the rune and tarot pulling and it would help me become more acquainted with these practices.  I think I would like the chanting/singing aspect but privacy is a concern.  Maybe in my car? Stretching and/or sun salutations would no doubt probably bring the biggest difference to my life.

I will begin to incorporate some of these and report back on how they are changing my day-to-day experience.

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